Russian Volume Lash Extensions


Russian Volume Lash Extensions are the most sought-after lash extensions. 

This advanced technique builds full, fluffy, voluminous lashes for all of those who are lash obcessed! 


Volume Lashing consists of 2 - 15  synthetic lashes hand created into a lash fan. Each hand-made fan is as light as a feather and is then applied to each natural lash. This advanced lash technique will fill sparse lashes making them appear fuller and for those who are blessed with a great set of natural lashes can have a major glam set of lash extensions! 


A full set of Russian Volum can take anywhere from 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 hours depending on the desired result and includes a complimentary collagen eye treatment during the service and an at-home maintenance kit to ensure you care for your lash set properly. 


Lash fills must be booked within a 2-3 week period and at least 1/2 of the set must be present to be considered a "fill".

If you go over your fill time, it may be possible you will need a full set unless you still have 1/2 left of your original set.  


*Please DO NOT come with eye makeup on for Full Sets or Lash Fills.  Kindly cleanse your lashes with the recommended lash cleanser making sure the root of your lashes are squeaky clean to ensure the best bond possible.* 


To Schedule for a Russian Volume lash appointment please book online by clicking here.

To Schedule by phone please call/text (203)907-6332 (Please note, I may not be able to answer or return calls in a timely manner as I am in session with clients throughout the day.) 

To schedule your appointment or contact with questions regarding services by email please click here. 

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Full Set Russian Volume                                                $295+

Full Set Mega Luxe Volume                                           $350+


*A collagen eye treatment and at-home aftercare kit is included with all Full Sets. 


Russian Volume Fills:


90-Minute Russian Volume Fill                                  $135+

(Standard Lash Fill Time)


120-Minute Russian Volume Fill                                   $175+

(***Highly recommended to ensure long lasting application and fullness***).


Mega Luxe Lash Fill                                                          $200+

(120-minutes required for optimum fullness)




Bottom Lashes (Standard)                                              $45+

Bottom Lashes (Volume)                                                 $60+


LASH Candy (Glitter or Colored Lashes)                       $25+


Lash Extension Removal                                                 $50+