YUMI IT Perfect Black Mascara

YUMI IT Perfect Black Mascara


The YUMI IT Perfect Mascara in Black is nothing short of amazing!


When used in conjuction with the Keratin Mascra in clear this mascara really brings out the drama  to your lashes!

The specialized wand latches onto the lashes creating a tension that pullls the lashes up while leaving them lifted and coated in a beatuiful rich black mascara formulation that is gentle on lashes. It is an intensely black formula that lengthens, coats, and lift each lash to perfection!


*Immediate eye lash lenghtening without the use of fibers.

*Amazing lifting effect

*Volumizies lashes

Long lasting 8-hour hold! Try using in conjunction with the YUMI Keratin Clear Mascara Treatment. This treatment acts as a primer with many other benefits that coat the lashes for added protection, health and shine.


Try these products with or withou the Lash Lift Service and experience the difference in quality compared to other brands.



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